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Reflect, Decide, Execute
To Build The Right Retrospective Flow

Reflection Standards

Pick the Right Template

Run engaging and fun retro by selecting from our pre-designed templates of popular proven retrospective methodologies. You can also create custom retrospective formats or edit the templates to build your own retro experience.

The Right Flow

Execute On Your Own Time

Whether your team is co-located in one place or working remotely around the world, Retrobot tool supports your way of working. Execute your retrospective either synchronously or asynchronously collaboration, setting up a time liming for each phase.
Template Retro 1
Template Retro 3
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Vote Overview

Engage The Team

Group the feedback

With Retrobot, you can group and ungroup reflections and themes. This process can be done by anyone on the team. Address concerns, discuss subtle differences, and overall make sure their voice is heard.

Decision Power

Let Everyone Vote

Voting can be set public or anonymous, depending on your needs. Let your team vote, and see what matters most for them.

Decide Better

Discuss And Choose Actions

Retrobot organizes discussions based on which topic you decide to move forward. You and your team can choose to go through all the topics, rearrange them, and pick the actions to move forward.


Record & Act On Your Retro

Get a detailed summary of your retrospectives, including the actions, the owners of each action, and the time to act on it. Connect and share the summary across the organization by downloading it in PDF or CSV or directly in chat tools, such as Slack.


Integrations With Other Tools (Coming Soon)

After the sprint retro, you share the summary on Slack or add takeaway tasks directly from Retrobot into Atlassian Jira, Confluence or GitHub.
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Action plan
Template Retro 1

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You just need to go to the registration link and then create your unique company URL and subsequent email to be used.

You have access to a lifetime free plan with Retrobot and then a paid plan to access more features.

No. At the moment we do not have the feature to export the data and import into another tool. It’s part of our roadmap.

You can do so by going into Account Settings and delete your account.

Yes, you can have unlimited teams at Retrobot—it’s built for scale!

Yes, you can export summaries in PDF.

We are currently developing an open roadmap of features so that users can vote and provide us feedback in real-time.

You can add as many team members as you wish.

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