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Increase collaboration in your teams by executing on engaging, collaborative, and efficient retrospective and team decision making. Explore Retrobot retrospective tool to know more.


We Solve Real Team Challenges

what can you do with retrobot?


Brainstorm with your team and set the stage for an efficient retrospective.

smart templates

Create retrospective boards based on templates and proven methodologies.

Team decisions

Create action items and decisions for your team from the retrospective meetings

generate insights

Gather data on the multiples retrospective you host


Connect Retrobot with tools such as JIRA (coming soon)

Team analysis

Perform team analysis with our easy surveys and spider webs.

We stop at nothing

We are here to stay, to build a product that will be in the life of every team in every business.

We Love To Explore‚Äč

Retrospectives is the just beginning. Join us in our journey and see how we will build creative solutions to improve team dynamics.

We Walk the talk

We are just just business builders, software developers; we are passionate team leaders that want the best for our teams.

We Keep It Simple

Software and tools don’t have to be complicated. We will be forever simple and easy to use.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In the power of teams

This is why we started Retrobot. We are a small team of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, marketers, and growth experts looking to build the ultimate team application.

Starting with Retrospective, and going further in the future. Steadily to improve the world of teams; one step at a time.

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